Aaron Melendez

A recent graduate from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, illustrator Aaron Melendez takes levity from the hypocrisies in life. His work often mirrors man?s duality. With underhanded humor, attention is called to the darker, self absorbing aspects of the human character. Aside from editorial works, Aaron has a profound interest for institutional illustration being that animal life, science, and history have always intrigued him. More than just a habit, Aaron finds it rewarding to stimulate the brain with extensive subject thought and research. Working primarily in Adobe Photoshop, in addition to any other medium, he continues to further the skills and knowledge to surpass aesthetic preferences.View Portfolio

Alan Burton

I am an illustrator, writer, author, poet, voice over artist, musician, and creator of quotes and graphic images on novelty products. I was a late bloomer in all of these arenas. I did not have the opportunity to learn any of these avenues of expression while in boarding school in Great Britain, so consequently I am self-taught in everything that I have managed to accomplish. As an illustrator, I began my career in 1979 - 1980. I published for ?The Dragon? magazine ? covers and interiors, and for their annual fantasy calendar. I provided ?October? for five years. I also provided a book cover for a German book on Viking history. I have also done several book interiors for offbeat poetry publications. These were black and white pen and ink. I did covers for ?Science and children? magazine, as well as continuous work for ?The Dragon? magazine.View Portfolio

Alessandro Battan

Born in Rome, lived most of my life in Venice. My professional career began in 1996 in a studio of well known Italian comics. Attended the Italian Walt Disney Company's Professional Academy. Shortly after I started to create my first strips which were published by an Italian newspaper, linked to the Gardaland Park, with excellent results. Over the years this business has been growing considerably due to the support of established authors who taught me everything about the field of creativity (illustration, comics, graphic, digital) and who helped me to refine my work in such a way as to make it interesting to international markets. My experience is mainly targeted to children and teens, but recently I have developed a production capacity that fits well to more adult people.View Portfolio

Alexandra Smith

Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Alexandra relocated with her family to Manhattan Beach, California when she was three years old. She was raised by lawyers, affirming that she never wanted to become one. Instead, she was drawn to the creative disciplines of literature, art, and drama where she would always be called on to stretch. Case in point: for her first Halloween, she wanted to be a salad. During a detour before receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry from Dartmouth College, she spent a semester abroad in Toulouse, France. A side trip to Figueras, Spain cemented her path to the arts as she stood in front of the Salvador Dali Museum and coveted the giant eggs on its roof. She completed her formal education in New York City at Columbia University where she received her MFA in film and simultaneously attended The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater. Meanwhile, she started teaching herself to draw through life drawing sessions, books, the Ani Waichulis Academy's Language of Drawing and Painting programs, and Schoolism's online curriculum. Inspired by animated film, trompe l'oeil, animals, the old masters, street art, and all manners of the absurd, Alexandra can currently be found playing tug-of-war with her imagination. She lives in Los Angeles where she is owned by a cat. View Portfolio