Alexandra Smith

Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Alexandra relocated with her family to Manhattan Beach, California when she was three years old. She was raised by lawyers, affirming that she never wanted to become one. Instead, she was drawn to the creative disciplines of literature, art, and drama where she would always be called on to stretch. Case in point: for her first Halloween, she wanted to be a salad. During a detour before receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry from Dartmouth College, she spent a semester abroad in Toulouse, France. A side trip to Figueras, Spain cemented her path to the arts as she stood in front of the Salvador Dali Museum and coveted the giant eggs on its roof. She completed her formal education in New York City at Columbia University where she received her MFA in film and simultaneously attended The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater. Meanwhile, she started teaching herself to draw through life drawing sessions, books, the Ani Waichulis Academy's Language of Drawing and Painting programs, and Schoolism's online curriculum. Inspired by animated film, trompe l'oeil, animals, the old masters, street art, and all manners of the absurd, Alexandra can currently be found playing tug-of-war with her imagination. She lives in Los Angeles where she is owned by a cat. View Portfolio

Ally Riggio

Alexandria Riggio is an emerging illustrator based on Long Island, New York. Her desire to take up a creative profession stems from her love of drawing at an early age. In 2014 she completed her undergraduate studies at Marywood University, and ever since has dedicated herself fully to illustration. Alexandria's illustrations are organic and whimsical, drawing influence from fantasy works and nineteenth century aesthetics. She primarily works in ballpoint pen and watercolor, but also enjoys experimenting with other types of traditional and digital media. Above all, she takes much pride in her personal work and believes it to represent her passion for illustration and her identity as an artist overall. View Portfolio

Amanda Olson

As an artist who has worked in the industry for over fifteen years, I can tell you that each new job, client, success and failure, every single experience, has helped shape me into the skilled and dedicated creative person that I am today. Design, illustration, and copywriting all hold a special place in my heart, but I have finally decided that illustration is where I need to focus my attention. Starting out in a direct mail catalog company helped me learn the ropes and all that goes into publishing, marketing, printing, and designing a publication for print, and doing it on tight deadlines. When I took work as a designer in a high-end printer and eventually joined a design team at an independent advertising agency, I refined and polished my skills. I eventually moved on to develop and teach a graphic design career program at the high school level.View Portfolio