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Tom Zilis I have an extensive experience working in the commercial art field. I focus on illustration, cartooning (both editorial and illustrative) and graphic design. My career has included working freelance as well as working internally for agencies/design firms and in corporate creative departments in positions ranging from graphic designer to art director. Among the many projects I have worked on I've illustrated a wide variety of children's books and educational materials. These have covered a wide array of topics using different illustrative styles appropriate to the subject matter both in traditional media and digital. My work includes creating editorial cartoons for a newspaper, creating illustrations for advertising, storyboarding as well as creating icons for Fortune 200 and 500 companies. I take every project as an opportunity to grow and develop new skills and abilities. View Portfolio
Vivian Saad Vivian Saad was born in Brazil and has a degree in Graphic Design by the Belas Artes College of Sao Paulo. She developed her skills as an illustrator, working in many mediums and techniques. Vivian has illustrated fourteen children's books and has authored one. One of her work was published in the cataloge "The best illustrations of Latin America 2014", of Palermo University, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also displayed in the XXI International Exhibition of Illustration for Press in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Vivian Saad is a member of the Brazilian Association of Writers and Illustrators of Children's Literature. View Portfolio
Yinuko Yuki Yinuko was born in China and now lives and studies in the United States. A talented self taught artist, he learned watercolors and specializes in anime that he has been practicing for several years. His passion for art is now taking him to other artistic styles that he relishes. View Portfolio

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