Michael Willhoite

MICHAEL WILLHOITE has worked as a freelance artist, graphic designer, medica! illustrator, muralist, and writer. He has also designed and painted five theatre sets in England. Mr.Willhoite has published cartoons and caricatures in "The Washington Blade", a gay newspaper in Washington, DC. In January of 1989 a selection of his caricatures received their first gallery showing, at the Michael Himovitz Gallery in Sacramento, CA. This was sponsored by Jane Fonda as an AIDS benefit. In addition to his posters and freelance artwork, Mr.Willhoite has written and/ or illustrated some sixteen books. His first was "Now far My Next Trick", a collection of his cartoons from The Washington Blade. Two collections of caricatures followed: "Mellbers of the Tribe" and "Willlwite's Hollywood".In1989 his publisher first established a line of books for children with gay and lesbian parents, the first being Willhoite's "Daddy's Roommate". It was followed by a sequel, "Daddy's Wedding", published in the spring of 1996. In 1994, "Daddy's Roommate" was published in Germany as "Papas Freund" in 2010 it was published in Denmark as "Fars Nye Ven". In between came other children's books: "Families", a coloring book (also translated into Icelandic);"The Entertainer", a story told entirely in illustrations, and "Uncle What-Is-It is Coming to Visit!!", which was also adapted for the stage (produced at Speakeasy Stage in Boston in the spring of 1997.) He has illustrated numerous other books, among them, Leslea Newman's "Belinda's Bouquet". He has published two novels for adults, "The Venetian Boy" and "The Goddess of Destruction." View Portfolio

Michelle Lanoue

Michelle grew up in a small town setting in central Massachusetts which inspired her to take time to draw and eventually paint. Through the years her artwork has grown from mediums such as gouache, acrylics, colored pencils and pen and ink to her newest medium of digital painting where she finds this excels at bringing out her whimsical, cute and very colorful illustrations at their best. She loves telling a story and evoking a feeling with her illustrations whether on a one page greeting card or a multi- page picture book. When she is not painting she works other jobs and travels as much as she can to be with her 2 cute, adorable grandchildren! View Portfolio

Morgan Swofford

He received her BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from the University of Kansas and has since had her hands in several different artistic cookie jars: graphic novels, greeting cards, children's books, and more. Her illustrations usually sway to the silly side of life and are largely suited for children (and children at heart). Children, animals, and monsters are just a few of Morgan's favorite things to illustrate. She has worked with many wonderful clients including The Union of Concerned Scientists, The Humane Society, and DCI Studios and is always on the lookout for a new fulfilling project.View Portfolio

Natalie Katz

I was born in Michigan in 1981.I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. My mom would keep me quiet in church with crayons and paper and I would create all sorts of characters, down to every detail of eyelashes and accessories. I attended a university in Grand Rapids, Michigan, graduating with a BFA in Illustration. I moved to NYC in order to pursue my art career in one of the greatest art cities in the world. My adopted city has inspired me with its idiosyncrasies and quirks, and has helped me take my work to new levels. I have developed many styles that range from playful watercolors, to sketchy lined portraits, digital drawings, and abstract mixed media images. I enjoy exploring different media and incorporating new things into my work. My work is my passion. I love art; it is what I was born to do. View Portfolio