Prema Dousa

I was born in Prague. As a kid I always loved to draw action scenes like the soccer players passing a ball or cowboys shooting at each other. I graduated from the art school and graphic design in Prague. Then moved to New York City where I started to work for well established photographer and eventually got into the fashion industry, which has been an inspiration for my illustrations.View Portfolio

Roberta Genitili

Roberta is an Italian artist native of Rome. She is experienced in figurative works (painting and illustration) and set designs. During her illustreous artistic career she has developed a personal style in which different artistic techniques, learned during many years studio painting, are fused together. Currently she collaborates with Teatro Potlach of Pino Di Buduo situated in a historic building in Fara Sabina near Rome and with Aesop Studio a company that produces theatrical performances where she creates digital sets for children's shows. .View Portfolio

Roque Hernandez

Roque Hernandez Duran is a talented illustrator living in Spain. He mainly works in digital formats. View Portfolio

Ruth Araceli

Ruth Araceli Rodriguez was born in Mexico City, where she currently lives. She studied Graphic Design at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana. Ruth has illustrated several books both in Mexico and the United States, and works as a freelancer with several magazines and newspapers. View Portfolio