Santiago Landaburo

Santiago is a passionate illustrator born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Creating characters, situations and worlds is what he loves to do since he was a child. Looking to improve his style constantly, he gives a touch of humor to illustrations, in which characters' expressions and colors are essential. He starts his sketches with pencil and ink to a final digital color rendition that gives his illustrations more strength and impact. In 2013 he illustrated the cover of "The Canoe" magazine, the first magazine made by designers for creative entrepreneurs in Argentina..View Portfolio

Shane Cooper

Shane is a Fine Artist who specializes in oil painting. His work is a reflection of the people and culture of his native up-bringing and travels. His style ranges from whimsical to photo real and is always brilliantly colorful. Shane is currently preparing for exhibits and creating a new series of work in his Las Vegas area studio. When he is not painting you will find him adjacent to his studio entertaining friends and family in his tropical, Mexican inspired garden. As a youth growing up in the Arizona desert, Shane studied with very skilled local artists. After learning basic techniques he ventured on his own, teaching himself about color, composition, contrasts, texture and style. View Portfolio

Stuart Adelman

I graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. I'm versatile in many mediums and specialize in watercolor illustrations and whimsical greeting cards for all occasions and clever advertising logos. I am looking to expand my clientele. I loved cartoons more than anything in the beginning of my career. Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson and Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho were and still are my favorites and influenced me getting involved with illustration and painting. Nowadays, I'm inspires by many different illustrators and comic artists across the board. I'm a freelance illustrator and my studio is at home. I recently illustrated the cartoon references of animal sign language for a Philadelphia Zoo exhibit. Animal sign language is already on display at the Philadelphia Zoo. I did some artwork on a movie called Universal Signs that had premieres in Philadelphia and Toronto. View Portfolio

Susan Bierlein

Susan Bierlein has been working as a professional illustrator and designer for the past twenty-five years, and has contributed to a variety of publishing products throughout her career. Susan received a B.S. in education from Ball State University (hence the love for children?s publications) and studied illustration and design at Columbus College of Art and Design. Her portfolio includes both traditional (dyes) and digital (Illustrator/CS6) illustrations. Her pieces are humorous and cartoon-like. Susan has produced work for McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and Harcourt, among other large publishing companies. View Portfolio