Accidentally Okay, A Memoir by Jordan Pease

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. What the overused adage fails to illuminate is the sequence of kitchen mishaps upon juicing those lemons. This Memoir takes the reader on a genuine, quirky, and satirical journey across Europe with Jordan Pease. Paperback

Breast Health with Nutribionics by Dr. Romy Roy

Nutribionics unravels the mysteries of Eastern Medicine and nutrition to fight breast cancer by celebrated author Dr. Romi Roy. She developed an improved method of using cancer chemo-therapeutic drug which reduced the side effects. She is actively involved in developing nutrition plans for women's disorders. Paperback,

Shaherazade's Daughters by Sameena Mughal

In a world of genies and fairies, extraordinary women from all over the East make extraordinary journeys of the spirit, mind, and heart. In Shaherazade's Daughters, different women follow in the footsteps of the legendary heroine of 1001 Arabian Nights. The short story collection by Sameena Mughal pays homage to the classic tales yet adds a modern, feminist twist. Paperback

God's Soul Food by Olive Williams

God's Soul food is a taste of the hidden goodness God wants us to enjoy. In it there is a taste of that inner peace, touching body, soul, and spirit. It is nourishing to both the physical and spiritual, pointing to that deeper depths and higher heights in God. Paperback

Here Goes My Heart by Linda Prejean & James R. Vevaina, M.D.

Here Goes My Heart, How to Find Love and Romance after 50 is not a book on how to find a perfect mate. Rather, the book leads you to make changes in yourself that can help attract a person who is right for you. This book is spiritually based to help you create an emotional bond that makes dating more fun, intimate and satisfying. Dating can be more challenging after 50 and this book combines contemporary ideas with secrets that have withstood the test of time. After reading and applying the methods, you might find yourself in the love frequency. Paperback