A Friend for Punky by Marjorie Hamilton Rose

Punky, the little polecat, was happy in his new home under the hedge near a big house. She could not understand why Missy, the aristocratic yard dog, or Cato, the cat or even the grouchy groundhog who lived in a nearby field, were so rude to him. There was something different about him they did not like. However, when danger approached, they learned that even someone who is different can be a most valuable friend. Paperback Look Inside

A Lime Says It's Time for a Pickle and a Rhyme by O.K. Reade

A Lime Says It's Time for a Pickle and a Rhyme is a series of independent sentences complemented with illustrations. The purpose of this book is to encourage reading and stimulate readers' imagination enough to write something on their own. Paperback Look Inside

All is What It Is by M.H. Zuntamin

What makes the world what it is? If you are thinking of an answer, then look no further than this book. "All Is What It Is" is a timeless treasure and an educational tool that introduces readers of all ages to the idea of what makes the world what it is. This simple and yet highly entertaining story is about acceptance of all people that are part of our world and that make it what it is. The author uses metaphors to welcome diversity and to emphasize that all people are important no matter what their color, shape, health or size. A must read! Paperback Look Inside

Am I Still Special by Dr. J. Fallon and Dr. Feltenstein

This book deals with jealousy in a charming and delicate fashion. The authors have brought to this series a sensitive approach to common day to day problems of growing up in a family. Paperback

Buckle Up Little Bunny! by Marianne Ashlin

The character in the book is a happy little bunny whose mother tells him to buckle up whenever there is a seat belt for him to use. Little Bunny likes being buckled up in his seat belt; it makes him feel safe and happy. Before long, Little Bunny begins to buckle up without being told. This makes Mama Bunny happy too, and that's what it's all about! Children will learn to buckle up their own safety belts through a catchy sentence Mother Bunny repeats whenever there is a seat belt to use. The activity pages at the end of the story provide children with some helpful tips to keep themselves safe at home.Look Inside

But Mama, How Come Grandpa Gets To? by Carolie Warren

Taking care of elderly parents can be a challenging privilege. The author of this inspiring story experienced four years of doing so and addresses the oft-unspoken question caretakers of the elderly hesitate to ask: 'Why do we uproot so much of our lifestyle for the sake of his?'Mama answers that question for Bronson who realizes that Grandpa is allowed to break the rules that he is expected to follow. This book will encourage families in similar situations Paperback Look Inside

Chef Aiden and the Corn Maze by Tracy Andrews

Aiden and his brother Traven love going on adventures. When Aiden hears that the corn maze they are about to explore may be haunted, he becomes a little scared. The two boys and their friends Nick and Alex discover what's haunting the corn maze and enjoy the surprise that's waiting for them. Have fun with their adventures and try Chef Aiden's delicious recipe with your friends and family in your own kitchen.Paperback Look Inside

Chef Aiden Goes to the Zoo by Tracy Andrews

Aiden and his brother Traven love going on adventures. A day spent at the zoo soon becomes quite an adventure for the two brothers when they take a safari ride and meet up with a little monkey who jumps onto the roof of the truck. As their day comes to an end, Aiden and Traven enjoy a snack at the zoo. That's when Aiden has an idea for a recipe. Enjoy their adventure and try Chef Aiden's newest recipe with your friends and family in your own kitchen.Paperback Look Inside

Cookies and Cake and the Families We Make by Jennifer Egan

This a book about exposure and acceptance of the diverse families that are part of our society: single parents, two moms, two dads, one of each or even an unrelated guardian. Those families, who may at first seem different are quite similar, because what really matters is the love and care they give to their children. The author uses the metaphor of the different cakes and cookies we can bake to help young readers respect and accept diversity. Paperback Look Inside

Daisy's New Day by Kathryn Heim

This book tells the story of a little girl who gets a big hug from her mommy and daddy when she wakes up in the morning to start her new day. Using a mix of imagination and the wonder of childhood, this heartwarming book shares a timeless message that speaks to all generations and teaches children the value of expressing love to those close to us. "Daisy's New Day" is a read aloud book for toddlers and Pre-kindergarten children. Paperback Look Inside

Dear Daddy by Joyce Stath

When a Parent Dies is the story of a little girl whose father dies suddenly of a heart attack on the day their family is moving to a new home.Paperback Look Inside

Dunwoody by Pamela Hartley

Imagine your most unlikely hero! A muscular, mohawked male on the loose in a deserted school building; rock star rapper by day, fire fighter by night, mathematical wizard, monster truck driving dynamo, and romantic Romeo oozing with 'animal magnetism'! Meet Dunwoody, from the guinea pig variety.This feisty but ferocious classroom pet creates mayhem and mischief at the Christmas party, becomes friends with his most deadly enemy, and brings a little love into the life of a forgotten little girl. Readers will learn that every dream can become a reality and that even the smallest creature can prevail over the largest. Above all, Dunwoody is a story of friendship, solidarity and determination.Paperback Look Inside

Dunwoody City Mall Masquerade by Pamela Hartley

Guess who is back for more? Th e Master of Mischief, Dunwoody is back and into tons of trouble again creating chaos at the Super City Mall. He daringly dodges a new pink do at the hair salon, terrifying toys gone bad at Tom's Terrible Toy Store, and clenching claws at the Arcade Arena. As if that wasn't bad enough, Billy the Bully makes a surprise visit to perpetrate the perfect crime at the pet store and possibly make Dunwoody his very own pet! Will a pint-sized mohawked marauder equipped with a blazing skateboard and multitude of amazing furry and feathered friends, be able to bamboozle the bad boys, stop the stealing, and save the Super City Mall? Dunwoody proves that teamwork is unstoppable, the impossible is achievable, and rip-roaring adventure is just around the corner. Paperback Look Inside

George the Giant by

Imagine looking up into the sky through a child’s eye. The clouds begin to form the shape of a castle, and the castle comes alive with colorful dragons. Beneath the clouds, on a mountain peak sits George the Giant in need of sleep. The dragons' mischief creates a world of confusion leaving George the Giant in search of a new home. An alluring wise spirit living in the forest awaits the arrival of George the Giant. The tiny wise spirit Anja speaks words of wisdom to George the Giant, and teaches him about friendship and making amends. Look Inside

Gigi and the Birthday Ring by Giselle Fernandez

Gigi is eight years old, when her Abuelita gives her a red ring as a birthday gift. The ring has special powers and when Gigi wears it, she feels that is needed somewhere. Se not only uses the ring to bring kindness and happiness to a young hospital patient, but has an amazing adventure as well. Hardbound laminated covers.

Grandma's Garden by Julie Ann Dolle'

Grandma's Garden is a heart-warming story of a little girl, Genny, who comes to live with her grandparents one summer. There are many interesting, beautiful and encouraging things to learn at Grandma's, from the enchanting color of flowers and plants growing in the garden to the delicious array of fruits that will be turned into luscious pies and jams. As time passes, Genny becomes a grandmother herself and shows her grandchildren the wonders of nature and lessons of life, just as her grandma did. The cycles of nature and life are perfectly woven in this lovely children's book. 2016 PURPLE DRAGONGLY BOOK AWARDS FIRST PLACE, Growing Pains Look Inside

HippoDuck Trouble at the Airport by Sandra Magura

HippoDuck is an unusual stuffed animal. Hippo is friendly and always loves a good adventure. Duck is shy and likes to stay home and play. Hippo and Duck have been sewn together so neither of them would get lost. Early one summer morning HippoDuck, their best friend Charlotte and her family were on their way to the airport. HippoDuck had no idea that their first trip with Charlotte would be full of adventures. In an unexpected turn of events at airport security, Charlotte is nowhere to be found. HippoDuck travel through the busy airport, visit a bookstore, the food court, a baggage claim belt and even travel on a moving walkway. Will they ever find Charlotte before their plane leaves? Paperback Look Inside

Honey Bun and Chip by Michael Hardesty

Honey Bun, an eastern cottontail girl rabbit, and Chip, a small boy chipmunk, live in Mr. Miller's urban backyard. They don't play together because Honey Bun thinks the two of them are too different. That all changes when Chip helps Honey Bun elude Cletus, a neighbor's prowling cat. Honey Bun finds that she has many things in common with Chip and, above all, she understands that their differences are not important. A learning glossary introduces young readers to the different plants and animals that live in Mr. Miller's backyard.Paperback Look Inside

I Do Not Want This On My Plate by Jennifer Bisignano

Based on the many years the author has taught early childhood education, is about a girl who has a spoonful of green beans placed on her lunch plate for the first time. She does not want them there and gets upset. She cannot avoid the watery vegetables or eat around them. The caregiver's rule is to try something new once. The child expands her trust in the caregiver and tastes the green beans. Children often learn from stories that are told multiple times. This is one of them! Paperback Look Inside

I Miss My Little Age by Jennifer Bisignano

"I Miss My Little Age" was inspired by a friend who told the story of crying on every birthday because she did not want to part with her age. "I Miss My Little Age" is told through the language of yoga postures from the point of view of a woman recalling the simple aspects of being a child. This book is interactive, relatable, and blends movement with language.Look Inside

It's Snowing Gold by Kimberly Brown

It's Snowing Gold is a beautiful and tender story of a young, energetic narwhal named Nia, who goes on a very special journey with her mother to celebrate her sixth birthday. There is excitement and adventure throughout their journey, as well as a touching ending that shows perseverance pays off and that love abounds. It's Snowing Gold is also a delightful story about hard work and achieving goals. Paperback Look Inside

Liz and Ann Meet Santa by Ilona Reny

Liz and Ann Meet SantaLiz and Ann are two tiny fairies who live in Little Town, a place where all whises are immediately granted. Santa Claus has never visited Little Town. Paperback

Louie, A Highland Terrier by Renee McGrady

Louie, a West Highland Terrier, is the smallest puppy in the litter. Dr. Krista has just moved to a new town far away from her family and doesn't know anyone. She adopts Louie and their lives together begin. Louie loves Dr. Krista and tries to be the best dog he can possibly be, but sometimes he just forgets. Join Louie and Dr. Krista as they learn how to become a family. Look Inside

Magical Animals by Ian White

Leo is bored, wishing there was more magic in life. He gets a big surprise when a mysterious wizard appears and sweeps him away on an incredible whirlwind tour of the animal kingdom! Join the fun as they witness some amazing animal powers at work, from chameleon camouflage to sticky gecko feet, and visit beautiful habitats from the frozen Antarctic to the mighty mountains of the Himalayas. After this exciting adventure you'll have to agree with the wizard that life has a special magic all of its own. Paperback Look Inside

Maxwel and the Silly Sea Things by Kirk Shiflett

Meet Maxwell, a young boy with a very far out imagination. Maxwell’s adventures will take you to far off places, and never seen before imaginary creatures. Paperback 32 pgsLove your Pet! Paperback

Mi Abuela is Sick by Jennifer Bisignano

Told from the perspective of an eight year old girl, this book focuses on a child who has a very sick grandmother. When the story begins she remembers beautiful memories of her grandmother but as it continues the events start to change. The girl tries to find answers to what is happening to her grandmother as her inner circle and herself become emotionally affected by the sickness. This book has been inspired by a woman battling cancer and her granddaughter who could not make sense of the events that were transpiring. The story is written in both English and Spanish because the main character is of Hispanic descent. My Abuela is Sick deals with cancer, a subject that is difficult for many parents to talk about and moreover, give their children the appropriate answers to their questions. Explaining cancer to kids is not an easy task. This book is a learning tool for children, parents and educators. It includes an educational page on how to talk to kids about cancer. 2018 GOLD AWARD RECIPIENT MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS HONORING EXCELLENCE Look Inside

Mirror, Mirror by Barbara J. Freeman

"Mirror, Mirror" uses a fresh and modern approach to capture the reader's attention. Tina Thomas, a young girl of color, suffers from low self-esteem. She sits alone and glares into her old rickety mirror. The mirror rocks, shakes and shimmies! It has the loud voice of modern day rap! The mirror asks Tina, "Who is the prettiest girl that you can recall?" Tina cannot answer correctly until she is aware of her own history. Tina must recognize that all shades of brown skin are beautiful. This book teaches that beauty comes in all colors! Moreover, it teaches that beauty is not only the image we reflect outwards; it also reveals the respect and kindness that comes from our heart. REVIEWER: SHELBY OELKE SCHOO:EDISON "This is a great story for girls and all students to see that each and every one of them is beautiful, inside and out! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and colors and is not just looks but also who they are as a person." "Barbara Freeman's setting for her book adds a personal touch for those from Omaha, Nebraska while to story remains relatable to children all over. Young readers will be engages by the encouraging story that contains a touch of magic. The illustrations are inviting and are balanced well with primary sources that enhance the reader's education and reading experience." MOONBEAM CHILDREN'S BOOK AWARDS WINNER, MIND-BODY-SPIRIT/SELF-ESTEEM SILIVER MEDAL WINNER. LITERARY CLASSICS SEAL OF APPROVAL AWARD.Facebook Look Inside

Miss Debbie Duck by Nan Mac

Miss Debbie Duck is an extraordinary duck with a heart of compassion and love for the fi ve little ducklings she adopts. She teaches her ducklings to believe in themselves and to find their passion to have a goal in life. Miss Debbie Duck knows it is a big world out there and that one day her little ducklings will be set free and have to conquer the world on their own. Miss Debbie Duck is now a proud parent of five successful ducks!!!! To all the parents reading my book to their children, please teach your children to believe in themselves, to have self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

Mother Oak by Jodie Amelia

Because the only path into the woods ends at the river, and the river is filled with hungry crocodiles, crossing the river is forbidden. The mysterious wild reveals intoxicating perfumes, lilac honey and an ancient Red Oak, Mother Oak. Change is imminent, so Mother Oak rallies Lady Blue, the wind, the sun and the rain to tuck her remaining acorn away into earth's cocoon. The acorn loses its tiny tan cap in the tumble, gets dumped upon, danced upon and rained upon all to become the most essential Red Oak in the woods. "Mother Oak" is a tapestry, illustrating the broad and fine brush strokes in nature. "Mother Oak" prods the imagination, encouraging young readers to venture forth. Paperback Look Inside

My Name is Rebecca Romm by Rachel Levy Lesser

Rebecca Elizabeth Romm is annoyed when everyone compares her to her mother's mom, because all she wants is a name of her own. That changes when Rebecca's teacher assigns the class a research project. Paperback Look Inside

Olmo and the Dragon by Vivi Escriva

Olmo discovers the value of friendship through a fun-loving and affectionate dragon who becomes his friend. Olmo and the dragon dream, laugh, share experiences, and get into trouble with Olmo's mother. But one day, Olmo's house becomes a little too small for such a big dragon. Written and illustrated by Vivi Escriva. Paperback

Peacock Blues by Leslie Rounkles

What animal wouldn't love to be able to walk around the zoo instead of being in an enclosure? Polly Peacock lives in a zoo. He comes and goes as he pleases. As Polly walks around the zoo, he sees all the animals having fun. He thinks all of the other animals have much more appealing lives. Polly no longer wants to be a peacock. In the end, one incident changes Polly's mind. Peacock Blues is an insightful story about self-acceptance and acknowledgment of the uniqueness in each of us. So, when you're feeling blue, remember there's something good in all of us! Look Inside

Peggy and Milzy by Ilona Reny

Peggy, an eight years old girl, and her cat Milzy, are the main characters in this whimsical story. Milzy, only twoand- a-half years old, is already an adult cat. Paperback

Princess Inkala and the last Dynasty by Judith G. Leifer

Princess Inkala and the Last Inka Dynasty is the story of a young Chimu princess who embarks on an unforgettable journey. Inkala is fierce, courageous and kind. Even after tragedy strikes her life, Inkala is able to find peace, love and laughter. Her two best friends, the fuzzy Alpaca and the colorful parrot, Lorito, are always there to comfort her. With Alpaca and Lorito by her side, Inkala remains strong. Yet, rebellion soon falls upon the land she knows and loves, and the friends are forced to flee! In this incredible adventure throughout the Inka Empire, Princess Inkala faces love, betrayal and the ultimate test of friendship. Visit our web site: Look Inside

Priscilla's Pink Adventure by

Priscilla is a sassy and ambitious seven-year-old girl. She has a beautiful room, but it is white and her favorite color is pink. Priscilla's adventure starts when she leaves her home in search of something pink that she can take back with her. Priscilla's Pink Adventure is the story of a child reaching and achieving a goal. Paperback Look Inside

Rabbit in the City or Turtle in the Park by Jordan Weller

Everyone has their own way of making it through the day. Follow these two classic characters as they navigate one of the world's most iconic cities. From hustle and bustle of Fifth Avenue to the laid back vibe of Central Park, our two friends Rabbit and Turtle live totally different life styles in the Big Apple and show us that there is no right way or wrong way, only your way. Look Inside

Rad is Mad by Leah Guzman

Rad has no friends. All the other monster trucks cruise together and have fun. Rad is SMAD; he feels sad and mad. He starts trucking out of control through the bumpy road. He hurts other trucks and makes them sad. His road rage feelings stop him from making friends. Rad is a rough and tough monster truck who learns that it is important to talk about his sad and mad feelings rather than acting them out, hurting others and himself. This lesson let him show others his shiny side and make new friends. Rad's story touches the inner world of children of all ages and is an excellent vehicle to help young readers deal with their feelings. Paperback Look Inside

Save the Rainforest by Marybeth Markie

Save the Rainforest, follows the Treefolk high above the Yucatan Peninsula and its tropical rainforest. "Timber!" warn the giants as they cut deeper and deeper into the rainforest, making way for new homes and buildings to be built for the people who visit there. Mama and Papa Celeste are tired of all this moving. That night at the Treefolk Town Hall, Papa comes up with a plan to save their village. Will it work? Open up to page one to find out for yourself what adventures are in store for our tiny Treefolk! This story brings awareness to young readers of the fragility of our planet and our role in protecting it. Paperback Look Inside

Sebi, Maia and the lost Mexican pyramid by Carolina Valenti Pinto

The mysterious disappearance of the Pyramid of the Sun has triggered sadness and worries among the Mexican people. Sebi and Maia, two siblings with secret super powers, have responded to their cousin Sofia's call for help to find the pyramid. Together, they will stop at nothing to solve the mystery and recover one of the most precious monuments of the Mexican cultural heritage. Sebi, Maia and the Lost Mexican Pyramid educates and entertains readers throughout the pages while making them realize that modern times can live in harmony with the preservation of the past, traditions and cultural heritage. Look Inside

Sugar - A Princess Pit Bull Finds Her Family by Barbara Freeman

Sadie Sue has become the proud mother of five fuzzy soft and silky American Pit Bull Terriers. She dreams that each puppy will find a safe home with loving humans. She happens to be the runt of the litter. She is the true leader of all the puppies and relates to her beloved brothers with warmth and care. As her brothers find their own families, Princess bids goodbye to each of them. Hardbound Look Inside Facebook

Super Jack by Julie Rausenberger

Meet Jack, a scruffy, young German shepherd pup. Jack likes his comfy bed. Jack likes his bouncy, blue ball. And Jack likes wearing his bright, red bandanna. But what does Jack love? Protecting the world from super villains! Well at least those in his own backyard! Thanks to Jack the backyard is safe from sneaky cats, Senor Toot, the super skunk, and Mr. Raccoon. Paperback Look Inside

Super Smart Sugar by Barbara Freeman

Many people suspect that their dog is exceptionally smart. Super Smart Sugar, the author's family dog, is intelligent and humorous. This book describes real situations that show Sugar's talents and skills. Readers are encouraged to identify their dogs' smart traits and compare them to Sugar's. Many readers will fi nd that their dogs are intelligent, witty and loving. This book recognizes Sugar, an American Pit Bull Terrier, as an intelligent, humorous and cleaver dog. Hardbound Laminated Look Inside Facebook

Te amo, Bebe, Little One by Lisa Wheeler

"I think the loving bond between mother and child is universally understood. Like the seasons of the year, it comes full circle." Lisa and her husband raised three babies of their own in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

The Ant and the Grasshopper by Jan Eberle Schaberg

The Ant and the Grasshopper is a classically written, full length story based on Aesop's famous fable. The characters' personalities and beautiful illustrations come to life, including the Grasshopper's forever fiddle! This lively story is full of suspense and intrigue and remains a beacon of strong moral lessons such as sharing, helping the neighbors, faith and greed. Paperback Look Inside

The Apple Ville Curse by Michelle Seelye Drucker

Long ago and far away in the kingdom of Apple Ville, Princess Blossom enjoys spending her days riding her new pony Cinnamon. But when an evil curse befalls the land, it's up to Blossom to save the kingdom. With help from her cousin Summer, will Blossom find the courage to save Apple Ville before it's too late? This delightful book, aimed at ages 7-10 will whisk young readers away to a world full of mystery and adventure! For upcoming Village Princess Mystery books, visit, or Look Inside

The Brightest Bug by Jeslyn Everitt

Lucy is a little lightning bug. She has no light. She watches the other lightning bugs use their glow to make formations in the night sky. Longing to join in, Lucy sets out to light herself with external sources, a campfire, a porch light and the moon, and yet fails. It is only when she utilizes her darkness to tackle a dangerous mission does she find that the purest source of light comes from within. Look Inside

The Flightless Adventures of Princess and Pearl by Michelle Seelye Drucker

Princess and Pearl are two Gentoo penguin chicks who love splashing their days away in the ocean with their parents always close by. One day, their parents suddenly disappear and the pair embarks on an adventure to fi nd them! Along the way they meet a very proper King penguin and a daredevil Rockhopper who dreams of learning to fly. But around every corner danger lurks as two terrifying sea lions plan to have them for dinner! Luckily, Princess believes the magical Little Blue Fairy penguins will watch over them and keep them safe. Will the legend of the Little Blue Fairies prove to be true? Or will the friends discover they only needed each other to fi nd their way home? The Flightless Adventures of Princess and Pearl, aimed at young readers ages 6-10, is a delightful story about diversity, growing up and friendship. Donovan's Literary Services has reviewed this book: "A fun, appealing story that kids will find easy to read." CHAPTER BOOK 2nd PLACE WINNER PURPLE DRAGONFLY AWARDS Look Inside

The Icky, Sticky, Tea Party by Ann M. Jenks

Jenny and Cindy spend the afternoon with the babysitter. The babysitter is busy texting and the girls are on their own to entertain themselves. Jenny decides to have a tea party. Cindy is playing her video game and does not want to help Jenny with her party. Jenny therefore takes matters into her own hands and uses her icky cold medicine as tea. Their dog, Moose, is also at Jenny's tea party. Although Moose makes it out alive, the girls get in big trouble from Mom and Dad. They all learn a valuable lesson about medication safety. This book is written with a bit of humor, while weaving an educational message into the story for children and parents alike. Paperback Look Inside

The Incredible Lucy by Larry McCarthy

This book tells of a chance encounter between a cat and a human male that are brought together by unwanted circumstances and become over time great companions to each other. It is a story of patience, responsibility and love between a man and his pet that at the end brings great rewards no matter what animal you choose. Love your Pet! Paperback

The Treefolk by Marybeth Markie

The Treefolk welcomes you to a fantastic world of tiny people who live, work and play far above us in a delightfully small but beautiful world just below the sky. Paperback Look Inside

There's Really No Way to Defunk a Skunk by Jordan Weller

This is the story of two boys who desperately try to convince Mommy that a skunk will make a good house pet. They use their imagination to come up with different ways to make the smell of the skunk a little more acceptable. Follow them through the house as they put their creative ideas and classic remedies to the test.Paperback Look Inside

Thomas Learns a Lesson by Sonya Petrie and Tonya Adams

Meet Thomas, a turkey who enjoys playing pranks on the children and animals that live on the farm. Thomas thinks his pranks are hilarious. He does not realize how hurtful these pranks can be until the animals decide to play a trick on him. Thomas' story will teach children that although words or actions may be funny to them, they can cause pain to others. "Thomas Learns a Lesson" delivers an important message to young readers about how bullying can affect people in many ways. Paperback Look Inside

Voladores by Patricia Petersen

No one knows the origin of this legend, one of the oldest in Mexico. The four voladores symbolize the sun's rays shining on the four corners of the world and the flight of the voladores insures the continuation of the seasons and the sacred cycles of life. Hardbound

We are Duckies by Min Kim

This book is about a little girl, Duk-Hee, who immigrates to the U.S. with her family. Based on her own life, the author shares a typical experience of an English language learner by describing throughout the pages what Duk-Hee perceives, feels, and thinks as she gets adjusted to her new surroundings. At first, Duk-Hee feels anxiety and fear, but eventually she overcomes her linguistic and cultural barriers thanks to her teacher, parents, and, most of all, two wonderful girls in her class. Paperback Look Inside

What's the Big Idea? by Joan LoPresti and Bob Danner

Wouldn't it be fun to read a book about how kids think using retro-like illustrations? What's the big idea? is meant to get young children thinking about where ideas come from and how we learn to place value on them. Each page is composed of opposite thoughts/ actions that are very relatable to the actual lives of children. The illustrations are multicultural and the photo realistic settings are varied to help the reader identify with each situation. For added fun, key words in the text graphically represent what they mean. In addition, there's a guide for parents and teachers with extended enriching activities. Look Inside

Where the Wild Things Aren't by Alex Trevisan

From wild things under the bed to monsters behind the closet door, children are often scared by what is cooked up in their imaginations. This book strives to teach young children that many frightening situations they encounter are in fact nothing to worry about. paperback Look Inside

Why Did You Leave Us by Misty Woodard Hardison

Benson is a very happy boy who enjoys spending time with his grandparents. He learns that in life we sometimes lose the people we love. He also learns that his grandparents will always be close to his heart by cherishing the memories they shared in the past. Talking to children about the loss of loved ones can be a sensitive topic to address. "Why Did You Leave Us, We Loved You So?" helps children understand that death is a natural complement to life. This book explores the meaning of life, death and heaven, as well as how to stay close in spirit with grandparents who have died. Look Inside

Will the Baby be Bigger than Me by Dr. J. Fallon and Dr. Feltenstein

A boy's fears about the changes that might come with a new baby in the family are relieved when he sees that the new arrival looks just like him. A humorous situation delivered with mastery by Dr. J Fallon and Dr. A. Feltenstein. Hardbound

Your Homophone is Ringing by O.K. Read

Homophone? What is that?!!? It's the same sounding word with different meanings. Try finding these homophones in rhyming sentences complemented with illustrated pictures. It's not as easy as it sounds! Your Homophone is Ringing is a series of independent sentences to encourage reading and stimulate the reader's imagination enough to write something on their own. Look Inside