Fernando Botero (Colombia) by Cesar Vidal

Illustrated by Fernando Molinari. This biography describes the events in the life of the internationally acclaimed painter and sculptor Fernando Botero, known by his voluminous figures on his paintings and sculptures.

Mario Moreno Cantiflas (Mexico) by Raquel Benatar

Mario Moreno, Cantinflas, born in Mexico in 1911 was the son of a postal worker and a stay at home mom. Cantinflas will grow to be one of the most famous comic in the Spanish speaking world. A master of improvisation and incoherent monologues he gained the favor of his audience. He is remembered as one of the most relevant and beloved actors in Mexican cinema.

Jose Carreras (Spain) by Cesar Vidal

This biography conveys a life lesson from the famous opera singer Jose Carreras, who conquered his fight against leukemia and is loved for his talent and humanitarian values.

Miguel de Cervantes (Spain) by Cesar Vidal

Illustrated by Alexander Levitas. A historical setting in Spain describes the life experiences of Midguel de Cervantes, the man known around the world as the author of "The Quijote."

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombia) by Raquel Benatar

Illustrated by Alexander Levitas. The extraordinary childhood of the renown author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who was surrounded by extravagant relatives and whose memories inspired, among many others, the eternal "One Hundred Years of Solitude."

Rigoberta Menchu (Guatemala) by Raquel Benatar

Illustrated by Jock McRae. Events in the life the Nobel Prize Winner Rigoberta Menchu. The text describes the childhood and the extraordinary events that gave shape to her quest for freedom.

Barack Obama (US) by Raquel Benatar

Yes You Can Too! A bilingual biography that gives readers a glimpse of President Barack Obama, from his childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia to his historic inauguration as the President of the United States in 2009. Award-winning author, Raquel Benatar, offers a vivid picture of Obama's childhood experiences, his desire to learn and achieve, his willingness to work and excel, and his dedication to improve society, from the first days as a community organizer to the presidential elections in November 2008. Through the pages of this book, the author clearly identifies education, perseverance, discipline, hard work and self-confidence as the path to fulfilling dreams. Obama's story can inspire children of all ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds to work hard and pursue educational and professional success. LATINO BOOK AWARD WINNER FIRST PLACE.