We are a Book Development House. A Full-Service Publishing Partner Specializing in the Spanish & Bilingual Markets

Project Management

We manage your publishing project from manuscript to final files, on time, on spec and on budget.

Illustrations and Design

Selected among the best in the international market our award winning artists and graphic designers have the talent and skills to illustrate and design your art project. We represent over 100 illustrators domestic and Latin American, who will illustrate your project on schedule and on budget with superlative quality and attention to detail. We focus on the Latino Market. Visit our illustrators' portfolios, and select the illustrator that is right for your project. All our illustrators are work for hire. We overview each project to secure the highest level of quality and scheduled delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the specifications with us.

Editorial and Translation Services

We focus on the multicultural, Spanish and Bilingual markets. We specialize in bilingual and Spanish books for young readers, educational materials, and multicultural projects. Familiar with the subtleties of the language, our team of multicultural writers, editors and translators will write, proofread, edit and translate your project into Spanish, using the lexical variations required by the ethnic group that you aim to reach. Our highly qualified writers, translators and editors have an extensive command of their native language and culture. Many are award-winning authors paired with the genre that requires development.

Book Production

Our affiliated printers provide printing in small and large quantities. Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements with us.